Garden’s Dream Landscape Company

Garden’s Dream Landscape Company provides a full range of services for gardens care, planting and landscaping. We operate in Moscow, Moscow region and also in the surrounding areas (Tula, Kaluga, Vladimir and others).

More than 14 years of experience

Our experience in landscaping is more than 14 years. Gardens services is our mission. There are only true lovers of their craft and real professionals in our team.


In his architecture treatise, Vitruvius, architect of antique Rome, derived a formula «Strength-Benefit-Beauty» (Latin «Firmitas – Utilitas – Venustas»). This golden rule of architecture has become our watchword and guiding principle of the work.

We will be happy to answer in detail to your questions by phone +7 (495) 664-52-34. Call us, we work seven days a week.